Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is rich. It is an ancient form of care that contributes to the spiritual formation of individuals and addresses the whole being. Spiritual direction is regular guidance offered to help another to ‘grow up’ into Christ (Ephesians 4:14-16). Spiritual direction is central to discipleship as charged by Jesus (Matthew 28:19). Spiritual direction is a structured and intentional relationship that includes three roles: 1) the Divine Director (the Holy Spirit), 2) the Spiritual director (a certified spiritual guide), and 3) a directee (a person committed to maturing their spiritual life). Spiritual direction acknowledges God as the ultimate Director. A certified Spiritual Director serves as a loving, listening guide to the directee. The desired outcome for the directee is to achieve a maturing relationship with God, self, and others.

PSC’s Spiritual Direction path targets individuals called to become Spiritual Directors.

“Spiritual Direction offers prayerful presence, wise counsel, and careful guidance by a spiritual friend who is sensitive to the movements of the Spirit”
(Henri Nouwen).