Testimonial of Spiritual Direction and Soul Care Classes

I have been interested in Spiritual Direction for about 8 years. When Dr. Barbara Peacock wrote the book Soul Care in African American Practice and offered her class, I found myself reflecting on questions that I had never been challenged to ask myself before.  I was reminded of Psalm 139:23 “Search me oh God and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts” became my prayer.   This scripture is for all of us, no matter what our skin color is.  When I received an invitation from Dr. Barbara’s email, I knew this was an opportunity from God to learn, listen, share, communicate, and grow along with a group of women who were seeking the same thing. This class changed my heart and my way of thinking as well as my perspective. Thank you, God, for directing Dr. Barbara’s steps then and now for the future.

Sandy Olsson
Founder of The Master’s Program for Women

Testimonial of Spiritual Autobiography 

I was introduced to soul care by Dr. Peacock and the writing of my Spiritual Autobiography almost simultaneously. It came at a time when I had been crying out to The Lord for more of His presence. I was going through some “rough waters” personally. Soul care gave me new lenses to see and experience the presence of God. Soul care is self-care. Practicing these disciplines has reawakened and restored hope that there is more! 

Mary Hellberg

As a follower of Christ for more than 25 years, I am grateful for people like Dr. Barbara L. Peacock whom God used to call me even higher in my relationship with God. Dr. Peacock and her soul care ministry team have provided a space for deep spiritual encounters with God. One experience that stands out is the Spiritual Autobiography class, which enabled me to trace God’s hand in my life and see Him with fresh new eyes. I now have a deeper appreciation of God’s love, faithfulness, and His unmistakably perfect timing. Thank you for the steadfast guidance of your ministry. 

Marva Titley-Smith, CMgr FCMI
CCM, Consultant and Coach

Testimonial on
Soul Care in African American Practice

Soul Care in African American Practice provides a historical glimpse of the depths of soul care in the African American culture. The literary work is extremely enlightening and the engaging class interactions allow for extensive reflections. Dr. Peacock and her team facilitate the course with exceptional attention to detail and sensitivity to those with personal spiritual encounters.

Elizabeth Poplin 
Ember CLT Co-Founder

Testimonial on Spiritual Direction

As we journey through life, we need times of refreshing and help to see the activity of God in our lives – so we pause.  Spiritual Directors are those who provide hospitality during our stops.  They help to nurture our souls.  They provide companionship, a listening ear and prayer as we both discern the Holy Spirit’s work and will along the journey.  That and more is what I have experienced with my spiritual director, Dr. Barbara Peacock, who prepares a “place” to care for my soul in this unique way.  Through her service, Dr. Peacock helps me to notice and accept the gracious invitations presented by my heavenly father…invitations to stillness and action.  Sharing this sacred space (with my director) has given peace in uncertain times and courage to act on what God reveals during those times.  She is a precious gift from God – a sweet gift that refreshes my soul.  The hospitality” that Dr. Peacock consistently provides when I pause monthly for that much needed time of refreshing, has been transformational. Even more, intimacy with God and awareness of His unfailing love has increased.  To sum it up in a few words, for me, spiritual direction has been a life giving, invaluable expression of God’s love.  

Taura Glaze
Minister of Christian Maturity at The Park Church, Charlotte, NC