Mission & Vision

Vision –
We exist to nurture souls, educate minds and cultivate spirituality.           

Mission – Empowering disciples through soul care and spiritual experiences.

Motto – Experiencing the Deeper Journey Together

Scripture – He Restores my Soul (Psalm 23:3).

Do you sense a call to go deeper? Is God nudging you to be more intimate with Him? Are you called to be a spiritual leader in the area of spiritual formation, spiritual direction, or soul care leadership? Is God drawing you to minister and lead others in the area of spiritual maturation? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, The Soul Care Institute is for you.

Many Christians who “go to church” know about God and the Bible, but their relationship with God is often without the depth that they so deeply desire. We at The Soul Care Institute are here to make a difference as it relates to such  longings. We are committed to educate, empower and care for souls. The Spirit is working in and among you and me to develop us more into the image of Christ (imago dei)

You will be immensely blessed by this transformative experience as we all grow deeper together.