Blessings Beloved,

Yes, you are the beloved of our Lord and Savior and of Peacock Soul Care
Institute (PSC).

Welcome to our website and to a family of persons seeking to grow deeper in their spirituality.

PSC provides Christocentric spirituality that is designed to nurture souls, educate minds, and facilitate development in spiritual direction, spiritual formation, and soul care leadership.
We are committed to serving persons and empowering disciples as they seek to experience an ever-increasing presence of the Holy Spirit. The ultimate desire is for them to encounter ongoing formation that transforms them more into the image of Christ (imago dei).

PSC collaborates with spiritual leaders in various areas of specialization who are committed to transformative teaching. Because of our commitment to spiritual maturation, we seek to make our offerings affordable. We provide students the opportunity to cover their costs through a monthly payment plan. In some cases, there are scholarships available which will help defray some of the costs. PSC offers three focuses of spiritual development. They are:

Spiritual Direction is a soul care centered relationship between a person or group of people who are seeking to be more Christ-like. The spiritual director serves as a listening companion on the journey of the directee. The discipline of spiritual direction always acknowledges God as the ultimate Director. Click here for more information.

Spiritual Formation is committed to encouraging individuals to experience a deeper relationship with God. The desire of this formative journey is to be a transformative agent in the Kingdom of God. Click here for more information.

Soul Care Leadership focuses on the maturing of one’s faith in the context of their beliefs and core values. Soul Care Influencers are respected leaders in both faith and secular communities. Click here for more information.

If you are sensing a call to become more intimate in your relationship with God, if you feel a tug to grow in your spiritual maturity, or desire to be a better equipped spiritual leader, PSC is here for you. Welcome Home!

In His Service Together,

Barbara L. Peacock